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Jaggarey is the raw material for indian sweets which are extremely sweet.The sugar cane is transported to the factory via ox cart,it is then crushed in a machine to extract the sugary fluid.The fluid is then reduced in huge vats until it is a very thick syrup,which is then left to set in moulds.

Nothing at all is wasted, the pulp from the sugar cane is used to fuel the fires under the vats and for bedding for the oxen and other livestock, and the remaining stacked and sold on.
Arriving Raw Material -Sugar caneColourful Ox CartsUnloading the Ox cartsSugar Cane Crushing Machine No Guards!Rendering down the Sugar cane juiceBoiling away-note the Juice draining into the top vatHaving a well Deserved Rest in the HeatReady for another loadA work of art

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