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Our ride on the Nariz del Diablo Railway was fascinating and gave us an interesting insight into how this train operates, as the driver's assistant got off the train several times to clear rocks from the line and at one point took a lethal looking crowbar out to move the points. Before leaving Riobamba we were lucky enough to get a clear view of Chimborazo and further along the route we could also see Tungaruhua in the distance with its plume of smoke still billowing. The views along the rest of the route were stunning as we trundled along the track through countryside and little villages. where the local dog population came out to chase the train. We stopped at Guamote which was a quiet little town with the locals going about their business dressed in their colourful traditional dress. We then continued on to Alausi where we started our descent into the valley via the Devil's Nose switchback. We eventually disembarked ready to travel on to Cuenca. Great scenery and great fun.

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