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We boarded our panga before breakfast at 6.00 a.m. for our last exploration before we disembarked for the mainland. This took us on a most enjoyable and idyllic boat ride around the mangroves. We soon spotted the wing tips of a shoal of golden rays as they broke the surface of the crystal clear water and were easily visible. We also caught sight of the white tipped fins of a few sharks along with the odd turtle and smaller fish leaping out of the water. The relections of the mangroves with the sun shimmering across the water, the sound of the birds singing and the gentle lapping of the waters of the lagoon was beautifully idyllic and the ultimate in relaxation. We were also saw numerous pelicans, blue footed boobies, herons, eagle rays, ground finch, yellow warblers and lots of other smaller birds. As we reluctantly left the lagoon to return to the Eden boad we could see Daphne Major agross the sea, an island that is seldom visited due to it being very difficult to land on. This was a beautiful end to our Galapagos trip and we felt quite sad leaving it behind.

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