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After a short one hour flight from Quito we boarded a motorized canoe for a noisy two hour windswept ride down the Rio Napo. The last part of our journey was much gentler as we paddled along the Anangu Creek in a dug out canoe, finally arriving at the Napo Wildlife Centre.

Our next four days were mainly spent paddling along various creeks with Horhay, our extremely knowledgeable local guide. The bird life was fascinating, not least the strange Hoatzin, otherwise known as the stinky turkey, these can be seen in abundance around this region. Some of the other wildlife species were less easy to spot but our guide Horhey was extremely adept at spotting them and pointing them out. Along with the canoe rides we took some treks into the forest and climbed the 140 foot tower giving us a bird's eye view over the canopy.

A major highlight was spotting the rare giant Amazonian otters. We actually caught sight of these on three separate trips. The whole Napo Wildlife experience was an extremely enjoyable trip.

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