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We caught the train from Allupuzha to Varkala and was whisked to the hotel in an old Ambassador Indian taxi and arrived at the beach just before sunset.The hotel was great on a quite beach,where you could sit and watch a spectacular sunset into the Indian ocean.

We really enjoyed the `relaxing` beach stay and enjoyed swimming in the sea,and really enjoyed dodging the breaking waves,sometimes getting bowled over and feeling like you had just spent five minutes in a tumble dryer.

The fishermen work really hard and they set up a long fishing net from the beach in a big `u` shape with two sets of men pulling the ropes in,they encourage the tourists to help them,but boy is it hard work it must have took forty minutes of hard tug of war type heaving on the ropes to get the nets in and I was absolutely exhausted, after that you got the feeling that there must be a lot of fish in that net,but when it was hauled out of the water I was shocked how little fish were in that net,and between how many fishermen about 20 it was shared out between.The big fishing boats offshore from other countries are basically just hovering all the fish up and ruining these peoples livelihoods and as left with me a lasting first hand impression of the hopelessness of it all.
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