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We arrived at Santiago Island early morning after an overnight sail. The beaches were black volcanic sand with volcanic rocks forming the backdrop of this beautiful timeless island. Hundreds of marine iguanas were occupying all available spaces on the rocks and were perfectly camouflaged, unlike the brightly colourful sallylightfoot crabs that stood out in stark contrast to their surroundings. The iguanas were lounging around scarcely moving while the sallylightfoot crabs were scurrying between crevices and rock pools. A few lava herons were perched motionless on the rocks in the hope of catching a fish, pelicans were diving into the sea in the same pursuit whilst American oystercatchers waded along the shoreline. Frigate birds were flying majestically overhead looking more like pterodactyls! The fur seals were more interested in lounging lazily on the rocks. There were lots of interesting rock formations along the shoreline and tidal lagoons, one of which had a large turtles swimming around in it. A little further inland the landscape was uniquely colourful with its optunia cacti and other exotic fauna making this unique Jurassic landscape all the more beautiful and fascinating.

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